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Market Entry Strategies to European countries

With us you will shortcut your way in making your International Expansion Strategy: which countries to prioritise first, where to put your bets, and increase steadily your chances of success.

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Access the Best-fit PropTechs from all over Europe

We know best all PropTech companies in each of our countries, and can advise you which ones can fit best your digitization strategy and operational processes.


We Cover All Types of PropTechs

We cover all types of PropTecha along the PropTech Life cycle, starting from Invest & Finance, going next to Design & Buld, Market & Transact, through Manage & Operate, and Live & Work, inclusive of Smart City, Smart Building, and Smart Home.


Not Only Countries, But Regions

We are also leaders in our geographic regions,. Hence, we are able to provide your with bespoke information on all European regions.

what matters most is


No money can buy trust. Trust is what we have earned through the years in and for PropTech. Rely on us!
  • Legal advice

    Each organization in the European CrossBorder Initiative provices legal advice to PropTechs when they consider a certain country for their market entry.

  • Market advice

    We provide exclusive Market Intelligence know-how on country and regional market specifics. For further information, go to Know-How page in the Menu above.

  • How to land as a company in the market

    European countries have their peculiarities, and having an insider view on these is of uttermost importance to secure your success.


We open doors for you

European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative: the only pan-European initiative on a mission to help proptech companies expand internationally: beyond borders in Europe; to Europe, and to other continents.Support PropTech companies to internationalize and enter other real estate European markets, this is the objective of the European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative, an endeavour born from the year-long collaboration between the largest real estate association in Spain, the most prominent match-making PropTech player in Germany and the national PropTech associations of Bulgaria, Serbia, and Slovakia. We highly value our 1st Asian partner - the PropTech Consortium of the Philippines. Our Founding and Regular members are as follows, PropTech Bulgaria (Bulgaria), Proptech Slovakia (Slovakia), Blackprint (Germany), API (Spain), PropTech Serbia, PropTech Consortium of the Philippines. The European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative aims to advise PropTech companies on the necessary bureaucracy, information on local real estate market and proptech, and the transformation of the precise organizational structures to be able to establish themselves in another European country, eliminating uncertainty due to the lack of knowledge about how to operate in other countries of the European Union and beyond.

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Why choose our services?

At the European CrossBorder Initiative we put skin in the game as much as you do.We have internal information and contacts that can open the door to you in each of the European country markets.

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27Years of Experience of Cumulative Experience in PropTech of all 6 Founding and Regular Members


Customer Rating

  • Germany ranks 1st in PropTech in Europe, followed by the UK.

  • Spain ranks 4th in PropTech in Europe, and 1st among South European countries.

  • Bulgaria ranks 6th in PropTech among 32 European countries, and the 1st in CSEE (Central & South-East Europe).

  • Slovakia ranks 2nd in the CSEE countries.

  • Each of our organizaitons has a sound always-up-to-date database of PropTech companies in the respective country or European region.

  • Blackprint has the most profound and sound database of DACH PropTechs., amounting to over 800 DACH PropTechs in 2023.

  • PropTech Bulgaria's database consists of ca. 5000 European-origin PropTechs in 32 European countries in 2023, and rises up to over 6000 when we add up PropTechs operating in Europe. This equals 95% of all existing originating in Europe PropTechs.

We will Make Your Dream Come True

We are focused on sustainable business that delivers the best possible project results.

'A complex challenge such as international business development for PropTechs requires an utterly way-out approach. The most sure way to get into dire-straits is to just tread into the way of others, and move where others do. You must find your own way to expand and never be distracted by the crowds' noisy tramp. In order to grow, PropTechs need to go international just like construction companies need to go international if they want to stand out in terms of their net revenues. This is where we step into your strategy and can support you.'

- Sylvia Pavlova MBA CMC

Founder PropTech Bulgaria &

Our Services

Get detailed information on our Market Entry Services per country. You can see the latest statistics of PropTech in each of the 4 countries. Additionally, you can see the economic profile of each European country: Bulgaria, Germany, the Philippines, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain. Furthermore, you can get to know us better from our detailed introductions. We don't stop here. On Market Intelligence specifics of each country/ European region, see the 'Know-How' section in our Menu above, as blackprint issues thorough reports on DACH region, and PropTech Bulgaria issues high-end reports on the CSEE region [Central & South-East Europe]

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  • Germany

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  • Bulgaria

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