API Mapaproptech:

Knowledge of the Spanish market

  • A basic consultancy on what is the minimum necessary to set up your business in Spain.
  • A specialized consultancy on the real estate and proptech market that will give you keys about the market situation, your competition, prices, differences with your project and which is your added value to the spanish market.
  • A first survey to your potential clients (more than 20.000 professionals) about your product so that you can get a first idea of how your implementation could be and about the possible adjustments you would have to make in this market.

Get to know your potential clients in Spain

  • A real test of your services: We can test your proptech with 10 to 20 agencies, making a follow-up with them during a month. Collect their thoughts and the possible changes they may propose.
  • A focus group with 10 to 15 agents: We can talk with a small group about their day-to-day including your solution, what they think of a solution like yours, how much they would be willing to pay, who would work with the solution in the team, etc.
  • Final report: We create a final report with all the information collected, and we refine it, so that you have the conclusions, and with that information, you can make better decisions.

Market expansion

API has a large network of real estate professionals in the Spanish market. Therefore, we can offer communication channels with the proptech´s final client.

Proptechs can expand their brand in Spain through:

  • Events
  • Mailings
  • Sponsorships
  • Real estate
  • Education
  • … and many other options


We provide you with contacts so that you can establish your proptech business in Spain with full guarantees.

We offer you support according to your needs, being your link with the Spanish market. We guide you in needs such as:

  • Talent
  • Offices
  • Management
  • Legal Advice

Following the emergence of the proptech sector a few years ago, we have witnessed a steady growth and, in the last two years, we have seen many proptechs expanding internationally and trying to enter other European markets. As a result of observing their expansion strategies and being aware of the difficulties they face, the European Crossborder Proptech Initiative has designed a package of services to facilitate this process. Now proptechs will know how the local real estate and proptech market works, will approach potential new clients more effectively, will have better contacts, will participate in local events and will solve doubts about the bureaucracy of each European country.” – Sheila Gracia, Services & International Director API



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