PropTech Bulgaria:

For PropTechs:

  1. Market intelligence specifically for the case of the PropTech company. Up to 2 hours’ personal meetings with market insights about the peculiar product based on a research we make specifically for the PropTech.
  2. Commercial 1-2-1 introductions/leads [up to 3 per year]. Both local and international, to property developers, asset owners, asset operators, etc.
  3. Information on how to access European (and other) markets you are particularly interested in and up to 3 introductions per year to the respective market key players.
  4. Access to our Premium channel with podcasts, all recordings of our international conferences.
  5. Speaker/panelist/moderator opportunities [up to 2 per year] at our inter/national events or at our partners’ events.
  6. Share company updates/successes with PropTech Bulgaria’s network, inclusive of company exemplary case studies.
  7. Opportunity to participate in/attend pitch days of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria and other partners of ours.
  8. Access to investor contacts.
  9. Information on and access to closed events. Free tickets to our events.
  10. Media exposure in national and international media.
  11. Reference to media.
  12. Free participation at international Pitching events which will give you direct access to European markets.
  13. Finding out and making the liaison with prospective partners, thus entering their home markets.
  14. 20% discount from all services and products, except for the membership services.
  15. You as a company will be presented in a video interview as part of Show Time video series of PropTech Bulgaria, or have your corporate video displayed at our international events/productions, and/or our web platforms, as well as on all our social media channels [LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, Twitter]
  16. Free initial information on the Bulgarian market
  17. In case of expanding into the Bulgarian market, we find and list prospective proper PropTech partners for you, and make the introduction to commence negotiations.


For Property Developers, Asset Management Companies, Construction Companies, Real Estate Agencies

  1. Speaker opportunities at C&SEE PropTech Conference, the only international PropTech Conference in Central & South-East Europe.
  2. 1-2-1 meetings with PropTech solutions which can meet your needs and solve the challenges you encounter.
  3. Share company updates/successes with PropTech Bulgaria’s network. Website & e-newsletter advertisements (up to 3 announcements per year)
  4. Opportunity to participate in/attend (inter)national pitch days of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria and other partners of ours.
  5. Build the right-size full tech stack for your asset portfolio. Share your challenges or tell us what you’re looking for and we will identify the relevant (inter)national PropTech companies to pitch to you.
  6. Sponsorship of 3 events per year – roundtables, networking, social events.
  7. Information on and access to closed events. Up to 5 free tickets to our events.
  8. Access to our Premium channel with podcasts, all recordings of our international conferences.


For Tech Investors

  1. Due Diligence Services


PROPTECH Bulgaria is the only national PropTech association of Bulgaria

Annually, PropTech Bulgaria issues BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report, in order to position in the most precise way the country internationally. We believe that it is absolutely impossible to position a country without proper information and steady research on an annual basis. BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Reports contain high-end market expertise, contacts with high-potential PropTechs, industry trends analyses, etc.

We are proud that Bulgaria is among the first few countries with such extensive PropTech Mapping Reports. The edition on Bulgaria has been released for 4 consecutive years now. This fact ranks us among the forerunners in the research approach to international PropTech development of countries, and we are glad to be a vital inspiration to many other European countries to issue such reports. See 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 editions here.

PropTech Bulgaria is the one-stop shop for everything that concerns PropTech in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, PropTech Bulgaria is the driver behind positioning and uniting the Central & South-East European (CSEE) Region.

We are the organizer of the only international PropTech Conference in the CSEE region which first edition was in 2020. This international forum is not just an event, but the Business Development endeavour meant to scale PropTech companies beyond the national borders in Europe. See more about 2020 & 2021 editions. Learn more about 2022 CSEE PropTech Conference here.

We are the only organisation which released information about CSEE PropTech. In 2020 we issued ‘South-East Europe PropTech Trends 2020’ and in 2021, ‘Central & South-East European PropTech in Numbers: 2021’ (released on 10.10.2021).

See our latest reports:

2023 European PropTech Report: 32 Countries in Numbers [2nd edition] here;

2023 BULGARIA & CSEE: PropTech Mapping Report [5th edition] here.


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