• The major PropTech players from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, and Spain join forces to boost the European PropTech sector.
  • The four associations group more than 1,958 PropTech companies which equal to 43 % of all European PropTechs.

There are already European associations, several national hubs and other organizations that focus on PropTechs and their needs. One of the main challenges of young, innovative real estate companies is to address new markets. Support PropTech companies to internationalize and enter other real estate European markets, this is the objective of the European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative, an endeavor born from the year-long collaboration between the largest real estate association in Spain, the most prominent  PropTech network & knowledge platform  in Germany, as well as the national PropTech associations of Slovakia and Bulgaria. These are Proptech Slovakia (Slovakia), PropTech Bulgaria (Bulgaria), blackprint (Germany), and API (Spain).

Unissu stats state that since 2015 the number of newly-born PropTech companies worldwide decreases which symptoms for a maturing tech industry. We observe an increasing number of acquisition deals among PropTechs which speaks for a dynamic consolidation of the sector that is yet another sign for the on-going maturing processes. Some of the PropTech forerunners like the UK experience a high death rate of PropTech companies. However, other geographic regions like the CSEE is in its growth stage, thus contributing considerably to the current cumulative growth of European PropTech.

Since 2020 and the reconfiguration of business norms, enormous number of European PropTechs saw only one possible way forward: expand beyond their national borders as soon and as fast as possible. Ever since 2020 this trend has only gained speed driven not only by the worldwide circumstances, but also by the uneven market specifics of the European market. All four founding organizations of the CrossBorder Initiative daily witness these dynamics.

  • The European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative aims to advise proptech companies on the necessary bureaucracy, information on local real estate market and PropTech, and the transformation of the precise organizational structures to be able to establish themselves in another European country, eliminating uncertainty due to the lack of knowledge about how to operate in other countries of the European Union.


  • It is an integrating network that was born with the idea of growing and including as many PropTech associations from European countries as possible to cover the expansion needs of all European PropTech companies. Its area of actitivity does not overlap with the area of any other existing European-level organisation in PropTech.


  • We welcome other associations/organisations sharing the same values and providing such services in their respective countries (for their members/partners).

Here’s what the Founding Members say about the purpose of and reasons behind this international network.

‘A complex challenge such as international business development for PropTechs requires an utterly way-out approach. The most sure way to get into dire-straits is to just tread into the way of others, and move where others do. You must find your own way to expand and never be distracted by the crowds’ noisy tramp. In order to grow, PropTechs need to go international just like construction companies need to go international if they want to stand out in terms of their net revenues. This is where we step into your strategy and can support you.’

– Sylvia Pavlova MBA CMC, Founder PropTech Bulgaria & seeproptech.eu

“PropTech has shown internationally that innovation and digitization have great potential to transform the real estate industry. According to the motto “Real Estate is local. PropTech is global.” More and more PropTech companies are therefore expanding their business activities to foreign market. The right network in a new country is crucial for the success of companies in entering and establishing themselves in the respective market.”

– Lukas Linn, Scouting & Investment Manager at blackprint Germany

“Following the emergence of the PropTech sector a few years ago, we have witnessed a steady growth and, in the last two years, we have seen many PropTechs expanding internationally and trying to enter other European markets. As a result of observing their expansion strategies and being aware of the difficulties they face, the European Crossborder PropTech Initiative has designed a package of services to facilitate this process. Now PropTechs will know how the local real estate and PropTech market works, will approach potential new clients more effectively, will have better contacts, will participate in local events and will solve doubts about the bureaucracy of each European country”

– Sheila Gracia, Director Service & International, API Spain

“We are typical example of small country, for which it is very important to be part of larger international initiatives that can either help Slovak PropTech innovators to expand into much larger regions or enable to bring significant innovators from these regions to improve functioning of real estate market in Slovakia everywhere we miss them. Along very good European non – profit initiatives like the PropTech House we also very much welcome the first for profit pan European initiative: European PropTech CrossBorder.”

– Milan Bogar, Founder PropTech Slovakia

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