How to Internationalise? Answers by PropTech Bulgaria

We ask each of the Founding Members of the European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative on their tips on how to shortcut internationalisation. Here’s our talk with Sylvia Pavlova, Founder PropTech Bulgaria What should I analyze before taking the decision to expand to another European country? There are very few prime factors you need to take into […]

European PropTech CrossBorder Initiative: the pan-European initiative on a mission to help PropTech companies expand internationally

The major PropTech players from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, and Spain join forces to boost the European PropTech sector. The four associations group more than 1,958 PropTech companies which equal to 43 % of all European PropTechs. There are already European associations, several national hubs and other organizations that focus on PropTechs and their needs. One […]

API Spain: How we can help you

API Mapaproptech: Knowledge of the Spanish market A basic consultancy on what is the minimum necessary to set up your business in Spain. A specialized consultancy on the real estate and proptech market that will give you keys about the market situation, your competition, prices, differences with your project and which is your added value […]

PropTech Bulgaria: How we can help you

PropTech Bulgaria: For PropTechs: Market intelligence specifically for the case of the PropTech company. Up to 2 hours’ personal meetings with market insights about the peculiar product based on a research we make specifically for the PropTech. Commercial 1-2-1 introductions/leads [up to 3 per year]. Both local and international, to property developers, asset owners, asset […]

Blackprint Germany: How we can help you

Blackprint Germany: Consulting: Market & Competition Analysis Business Development Workshops Events & Studies Invitation to our events (REAL PropTech Pitches, REAL PropTech Conference, PropTech Specials), including attractive sponsoring packages Providing most relevant information from our studies Consulting: innovation projects (e.g. tech scouting, market analysis, etc.) for our corporate partners due diligence services for investors workshops […]

PropTech Slovakia: How we can help you

PropTech Slovakia: Consultancy (Slovak PropTech market intelligence, Slovak market entries, innovation movements from and to our country, ad hoc surveys and advisory services) organisational services (due to COVID we still do not have our own international flagship event, but we will announce it soon. We organise and co-organise events with more our national partners (most […]

PropTech in the Philippines

COUNTRY INFORMATION ON THE PHILIPPINES Country Information on the Philippines Philippines is an archipelagic country in South East Asia. It is situated in the western Pacific Ocean, and consists of 7,640 islands. The Republic of the Philippines is the world’s second largest archipelago.   MORE INFORMATION: PropTech: real estate digitalization and stakeholder convergence will advance […]